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    • Establishing Date: 14 December 1986

    • commencement of business : 1972

    • Enlistment in DSE and CSE: 19.08.1987 and 10.10.1995

    • Tax advisor: K M Hasan & CO.(chartered Accountants)

    • Vision: Our vision is to expand our loyal customer base by being known as the financial partner of choice that constantly exceeds customer expectations.

    • Mission: Our mission is to –
    (1)Develop long-term relationships that help our customers achieve financial success.
    (2) Offer rewarding career opportunities and cultivate staff commitments.

    • Objectives:
    (1)Develop a customer oriented service culture with special emphasis on customer care and convenience.
    (2)Increase our market share by following a discliplined growth strategy.
    (3)Develop innovative products and services that attract our targeted customers and market segments.

    • Members of board of directors:

    Dr. Ahmed Al-Kabir Chairman
    M. Farid Uddin managing director
    Md. Mahabubur Rahman Hiron Board Members
    Prof. Syed Ahsanul Alam Board Members
    Md. Sayful Islam FCA, FCMA Board Members
    Mr. Amalendu Mukherjee Board Members
    Advocate Md. Abdus Salam Board Members
    Prof. Mohammed Moinuddin Board Members
    Quazi Murshed Hossain Kamal Board Members
    Sheikh Serajul Hoque Farazi Board Members
    Abul Kalam Chowdhury Board Members
    Dr. S. M. Mahfuzur Rahman Board Members

    •Annual general meeting: Annual General Meeting will be held on 31 march 2012.the directors report and financial statements were approved at 880th board meeting held on 29 february 2012 for presentation to the shareholders.

    •Products & service:

    1)Current Deposit(CD)
    2)Call Depost(CDR)
    3)Special Notice Deposit(SND)
    4)Saving Deposit(SD)
    5)Fixed Deposit(FDR)
    6)Deposit Schemes-
     Rupali Deposit Scheme(RDS)
     Rupali Monthly Earning Scheme(RMES)
     Special Attractive Products-
    • Rupali Monthly Savings Scheme(RMSS)
    • Rupali Monthly Profit Scheme(RMPS)
    • Rupali Double Benefit Scheme(RDBS)
    • Rupali Triple Benefit Scheme(RDBS)
    o Loan & Advance:
    • General Product
    • Small &Mediu

    Agricultural service:
    • Agricultural Information and Technology
    • Agro Products
    • Animal Feeds
    • Bees Wax
    • Betel Leaves
    • Fertilizer Distributor
    • Fertilizer Manufacturers
    • Fish & Frog Legs Exporters
    • Fish Dry
    • Fish Meal
    • Fishery
    • Fishing Net, Twine & Equipments
    • Frozen Fish & Food Exporters
    • FruitsVegetables & Food Processing
    • Hatchery & Products
    • Marine Fisheries
    • Medicine Poultry & Dairy
    • Milk Powder Manufacturers
    • Pest Control
    • Poultry & Dairy Farms
    • Poultry Feeds
    • Poultry Hatchery
    • Rice
    • Rice Agency
    • Rice Agency / Sellers
    • Sea Food Buying Agent
    • Sea Food Exporters
    • Seed Stores
    • Shrimps & Froglegs (Frozen)
    • Tobacco & Tobacco Products
    • Uria Fertilizer
    • Vanaspati Ghee Industries
    • Vegetable Exporter
    • Vegetable Oil Mills
    • Vegetable Seeds Exporter
    • Wheat

    •Business service:
    • Accountants and Auditors
    • Advertising Agencies & Counselors
    • Advertising-Out Door

    • Bank
    • Banks and Financial Institutions

    • Break Bulk Agent

    • Business Communication Services
    • Business Directory

    • Chartered Accountants & Audit Firms
    • Cleaning Services

    • Clearing & Forwarding Agents (C & F)
    • Commission Agents

    • Courier Services
    • Custom House Brokers

    • Discount Card Services
    • Exhibition, Fair & Conference Organizer

    • Exporter, Importer & Indentor (Multi Products)

    • Financial Institute & Leasing Company

    Freight Forwarders
    • Group of Companies
    • House Keeping Services
    • Inspection Agency
    • Insurance Companies (General)
    • Insurance Companies (Life)
    • International Freight Forwarders
    • Law Firm
    • Lawyers
    • Leasing Companies
    • Logistic Support
    • Management Consultants
    • Manpower Recruiting Agency
    • Manufacturers
    • Marketing Agents
    • Marketing Programs & Services
    • Marketing Research Agencies
    • Marriage Consultants
    • Money Changer
    • Office Automation & Communication
    • Security Monitor
    • Security Services
    • Sign Board, Display & Balloon Neon
    • Stock & Share Brokers
    • Tender Bidder
    • Tender Information Provider
    • Trade Directory
    • Trading House
    • Whole seller

    Directors report:
    a) Business result: At the end of December 2011, the deposit of the bank was Tk. 10723.40 crore compared to Tk. 9112.38 crore at the end of previous year leading to a year-over-year the growth in deposit of 17.78%. This growth rate is a remarkable achievement, considering the adverse economic scenario of the country during the year under review.

    b) New Products: RBL has added four new products with distinctive features in its deposit seheme product line in the year 2011.newly launched four products are “Shapno”-rupali monthly savings scheme(RMSS),”Ruposhi”- rupali monthly savings scheme (RMPS),Rupali double benefit scheme(RDBS) and Rupali triple benefit scheme(RTBS)

    d)Dividend for shareholders:The und available for distribution as dividend has been Tk.76.00 crore. RBL remains fully committed to delivery of higher shareholder value. The earning per share stood at Tk 7.94 in 2011.

    e)Management:Managing Director can take management dicisions and also measures relating to unusual or extra-ordinary matters pursuant to special authorization from the board of Director.

    f)Management committee: The management function through several committees headed by Managing Director himself, Deputy Managing Directors, General Managers & committees comprising a number of executives of the bank.

    g)Corporate social responsibility:Our CSR initiative aim at responding to the huge unmet demand of the society.Rupali bank Ltd. Has contributed Tk. 1.70 crore to meey the CSR obligation.

    Future outlook :
    Within Banking, the loan portfolio grew strongly in 2011 and the growth is expected to continue in 2012, albeit not as strongly as in 2011. The average corporate loan margin is expected to remain at least at its current level. The operating environment for the corporate sector will remain challenging. The greatest uncertainties related to Banking's financial performance in 2012 are associated with future impairment charges on the loan portfolio.

    Insurance premium revenue is expected to increase at an above-the-market-average rate. In Non-life Insurance, the operating combined ratio is estimated to vary between 89% and 94% in 2012, if the number of large claims is not much higher than in 2011. Expected investment returns are largely dependent on developments in the investment environment. The most significant uncertainties related to Non-life Insurance's financial performance in 2012 pertain to the investment environment and the effect of large claims on claims expenditure.

    The greatest uncertainties related to Asset Management's financial performance in 2012 are associated with the actual performance-based fees tied to the success of investments and the amount of assets under management.

    The key determinants affecting the Group Functions' financial performance include net interest income arising from assets in the liquidity portfolio, any capital gains or losses on notes and bonds and any impairment charges recognised on notes and bonds in the income statement.

    Consolidated earnings before tax in 2012 are expected to be markedly higher than in 2011.

    Corporate governance and committee:

    • Board of directors-

    1. Dr. Ahmed Al-Kabir Chairman
    2. Mr. Sheikh Serajul Hoque Farazi Director
    3. Quazi Murshed Hossain Kamal Director
    4. Dr. S. M. Mahfuzur Rahman Director
    5. Advocate Md. Abdus Salam Director
    6. Mr. Amalendu Mukherjee Director
    7. Mr. Md. Sayful Islam FCA, FCMA Director
    8. Prof. Syed Ahsanul Alam Director
    9. Prof. Mohammed Moinuddin Director
    10. Md. Mahabubur Rahman Director
    11. Mr. Abul Kalam Chowdhury Director
    12. Mr. M. Farid UddinManaging Director

    Corporate governance compaliance report on SEC notification:The securities and exchange commission (SEC) requires all listed companies to report on the compliance of the conditions described in SEC’s notification dated 20 february 2006 on “comply or explain”basis.

    (i)Audit Committee:
    An audit committee is an operating committee of the Board of Directors charged with oversight of financial reporting and disclosure. Committee members are drawn from members of the company's board of directors, with a Chairperson selected from among the committee members. A qualifying (cf. paragraph "Composition" below) audit committee is required for a publicly traded company to be listed on a stock exchange. Audit committees are typically empowered to acquire the consulting resources and expertise deemed necessary to perform their responsibilities.

    The role of audit committees continues to evolve as a result of the passage. Many audit committees also have oversight of regulatory compliance and risk management activities.

    Directors’ Responsibilities:

    a) Work plan and strategic management
    b) Credit and risk management
    c) Internal control management
    d) Management matter
    e) Human resourses management and development
    f) Financial management

    Income Statement:

    It has been my experience that all watchful business owners have an innate sense of how well their business is doing. Almost without thinking about it, these business owners can tell you any time during the month how close they are to hitting budgeted figures. Certainly, cash in bank plays a part, but it’s more than that.

    Helpful is the routine review of financial statements. There are three types of financial statements. Each will give you important info about how efficiently and effectively your business is operating.

    The income statement shows all items of income and expense for your arts or crafts business. It reflects a specific time period. So, an income statement for the quarter ending March 31, shows revenue and expenses for January, February and March; if the income statement is for the calendar year ending December 31, it would contain all your information from January 1 to December 31.

    Income statements are also known as statements of profit and loss or P&Ls. The bottom line on an income statement is income less expenses. If your income is more than expense, you have a net profit. Expense more than income? You have a net loss.

    Area-wise Branch:

    Dhaka Division

    Bandura Govt. Super Market (1st floor), Hasnabad, Nawabgonj, Dhaka

    Bhairab Bazar

    248(W) Tin Potty, Bhairab Bazar, Bhairab, Kishoregonj

    Board Bazar

    Union: Gacha, PO: National University, PS: Gazipur Sadar, Gazipur
    Alhaj Khabiruddin Super Market (1st floor), Kaliakoir Bazar,
    Poura Shava, Kaliakair, Gazipur


    Plot: 45 (new) 286/B (old), Road: 16 (new) 27 (old), Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka 1209


    Ventura Avenue (1st & 2nd floor), Plot No. CWN(C)-8/B, Road No. 34, Gulshan Model Town, Dhaka 1212


    40, Imamganj, Dhaka


    38-39, Islampur, Dhaka

    Islami Banking Branch

    82, Kakrail, Ramna, Dhaka


    Hazi Karim Market, Purba Aganagar, Gudara Ghat Road, Keranigonj, Dhaka ,Dohar, Dhaka


    81, VIP Road, Dhaka 1000

    Karwan Bazar

    BSEC Bhaban
    102 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka 1215


    Parkashipur, Madhabdi Bazar


    Advanced Melinda (Level-1), 72 Malibagh, Dhaka 1219


    5/A, 5/B, Darus Salam Main Road (1st fl)
    Section 1, Mirpur, Dhaka
    BSB Building, 08, DIT Avenue, Dhaka


    Pacific Centre (1st Floor), 14 Mohakhali C/A Dhaka 1212


    52 Dr. Bipin Sen Road, Choto Bazar, Kotowali, Mymensingh


    109 B.B. Road Narayangonj

    Nawabpur Road

    198-202, Nawabpur Road (Nawabpur Tower)
    Nawabpur, Dhaka 1100

    Novera Square

    House 05, Road 02
    Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205

    North South Road

    9/1 North South Road (Bangshal), Dhaka 1100
    Opening: 25.08.1990


    Al-haj, Afsar Karim Bhaban
    DN Road, Pagla, Narayanganj


    30-31, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka
    Tel: 9560312-6, 9560887-8
    Mnemonic: PBBR Code: 4005
    Routing Number: 020275352
    Opening: 16.01.1986

    Progoti Sharani

    N.R. Tower, 72 Progoti Sharani
    Block: J, Baridhara, Dhaka

    Rokeya Sharani

    923, Shewrapara Rokeya Sharani
    Mirpur, Dhaka


    Palash Bari, Baipal, Savar, Dhaka
    Mnemonic: SAVR Code: 4029
    Routing Number: 020264097
    Opening: 08.02.2009


    Shyamoli Square (Level 1 & 2), Plot 23/8-B & 23/8-C, Block B, Khilzi Road, Dhaka 1207


    702 Sabur Khan Tower, Kalibari Road, Tangail Sadar, Tangail
    Mnemonic: TANG Code: 4036
    Routing Number: 020932295
    Opening: 25.02.2009


    House 11, Road 14D, Sector 4
    Uttara, Dhaka
    Chittagong Division
    Kashem Plaza, Ashuganj Sadar, Brahmanbaria


    BCIC Sadan
    26, Agrabad C/A, Chittagong
    P.O. Box: 92
    Opening: 19.09.1982


    K.M.C. Tower (1st Floor)
    133, Anderkilla, Chittagong


    4543, Bahaddarhat, Medina Hotel (1st floor), Chandgaon, Chittagong


    TCCA Complex, Gomdandi (East), Boalkhali, Chittagong


    1090/5321, Court Road

    CDA Avenue

    BMA Bhaban (Ground Floor), 1367 CDA Avenue
    East Nasirabad, Chittagong.


    M. Rahman Complex (1st Floor), Ward 4, Chakaria, Cox's Bazar

    Chawk Bazar

    Moti Tower, 67/68 College Road, Chawkbazar, Chittagong


    123/115 Kalibari Pouro New Market, Chandpur Sadar, Chandpur
    Opening: 27.12.2009 , Chaumuhani
    Holding # 886, Feni Road, Chaumuhani, Begumganj, Noakhali


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