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    e-banking system of DBBL, BANK ASIA, CITY BANK N.A., RUPALI BANK.


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    e-banking system of DBBL, BANK ASIA, CITY BANK N.A., RUPALI BANK.

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    Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd(DBBL).

    Dutch-Bangla Bank is the first bank in Bangladesh to be fully automated and introduce Electronic Banking. The automation was completed in 2003, but further additions and features are continuously being added and upgraded. DBBL has adopted the same exact automation solution used my many international banking giants. Although this was significantly more expensive than other solutions, it is a small price to pay for a client's peace of mind.

    A DBBL client now has unrivaled access to banking from any DBBL branch, ATM and POS. All of these services are free-of-charge and are surprisingly affordable for everyone. Even though DBBL has invested more in Electronic Banking more than any other bank, the division was never intended to be profitable. It was undertaken with the same mindset DBBL undertakes its Corporate Social Responsibility tasks. Never has any bank given so much for free.

    DBBL also has the largest ATM network in Bangladesh. This gives DBBL clients full access to 'anytime anywhere' banking nationwide. All international and many local banks use the DBBL ATM network for their own clients.
    DBBL has installed over 800 ATMs nationwide. As with most things, ATM access to all DBBL ATMs is unlimited and free for all DBBL clients. If a client of a member bank (not DBBL) uses a DBBL ATM, the member bank may add a transaction charge.

    DBBL has the largest IT budget in Bangladesh. DBBL maintains the state-of-the-art Electronic-Banking Division. The Electronic-Banking Division oversees and maintains DBBL's investment as well as implementing upcoming projects.

    DBBL is the only local bank to have a off-site Data Recovery Site (DRS). DRS ensure that customer records are safe, backed-up, and up to date in the event of a major catastrophe at the Electronic-Banking Division headquarters.
    Since 2004, DBBL has introduced mobile and SMS banking. With a mobile phone, customers can perform many banking operations with their phone.

    DBBL is a primary license holder for both VISA and MasterCard. It is authorized to issue and accept payments from both organizations. DBBL also works closely with both organizations to bring you the latest in card technology. DBBL also offer Visa and MasterCard Debit Cards.

    Category of DBBL E-BANKING:

    (i)SME Banking,
    (ii)Phone Banking

    DBBL pioneered Mobile Banking in Bangladesh. It was the first bank to offer banking facilities through a wide range of mobile phones. SMS (Short Messaging System) is an extremely unsecure method to do mobile banking. DBBL recommends you use a HTML browser found on many phones to access internet banking facilities.

    The mobile phone networks are unsecure and there is nothing DBBL can do but to take precautionary steps. Unlike DBBL ATM's, POS and branches mobile networks and SMS is not encrypted and do not have advanced security features of the DBBL electronic banking infrastructure.

    To make the most of this unsecure scenario, DBBL issues you a mobile PIN number which is different from the DBBL pin number for your mobile transactions. Not under any circumstances is the DBBL PIN number to be used in mobile banking. A different PIN number and a mobile transaction limit imposed by DBBL provide some security (but not all) over the unsecure phone network. Clients should be aware and cautious that although DBBL does its best, it cannot guarantee full security over a phone network it has no control over.

    Benefits of Mobile banking:

    By providing electronic access to money, it is possible to ultimately
    alleviate poverty, because of the following reasons.

    - Real time on-line banking
    - Available anytime, anywhere throughout the country
    - It is convenient, affordable and secure
    - It is much more effective in developing savings habits
    - It will make access to banking and advanced payment
    transactions at affordable cost
    - It is much safer, speedy and safeguard against fraudulenttransactions

    What does DBBL Mobile banking offer?

    - Customer Registration
    - Cash-in (cash deposit)
    - Cash-out (cash withdrawal)
    - Merchant Payment
    - Utility Payment
    - Salary Disbursement
    - Foreign Remittance
    - Air-time Top-up
    - Fund Transfer


    Connect Asia:

    Bank Asia symbolizes modern banking with innovative services in Bangladesh. We provide Online Banking, ATM Support, SMS and Net Banking Services in the country. Our newly developed web application is fully authentic, secured and robust. This technology based services also provide you Fund Transfer through internet, Debit/Credit Card facility, free SMS message of special type of withdrawal from your account time to time.

    On-line Banking:

    All branches under online banking system will be able to do banking practices using a common server (which is centralized) from where only the branches will be able to enter using a common password.

    Internet Banking:

    Any one including any client or any branch from any direction will be able to enter in the system to do banking transactions.

    Internet Banking Services:

    Check account balance
    Take print out of account statement for a particular period
    Transfer fund within your own account
    Make payment of mobile phone bill
    Recharge your mobile phone as well as others from your account
    Enquire foreign exchange rate
    Enquire currency exchange rates.
    Acquire information on all our products.
    Every transaction report will be sent to client?s e-mail account.
    Can change the password, pin code and respective mobile number (For All Mobile Operator's).

    Citi bank N. A.

    Citibank's range of Electronic Banking products enhance the customer's interface with the bank enabling fast, secure access to banking through our portfolio of bank information and transaction initiation services.

    CitiDirect Online Banking:

    Business Banking's New Direction
    CitiDirect Online Banking is a powerful new way to bank that puts your banking
    functions all in one place-at your fingertips and within reach of your entire
    organisation. more >>>

    Citibank Paylink:

    Citibank's premier payment product, enabling a complete outsourcing of the payment process to Citibank for productivity, time and cost savings to our customers.
    more >>>

    Citibanking Online:

    In today's competitive environment, efficient cash management is an increasingly important factor in overall business performance. Information on your bank accounts must be accurate, up-to-date and instantly accessible. Citibanking Online is Citibank's Windows based electronic banking platform providing integrated access to account information. This system enables you to view, in a matter of seconds, the very latest of information on accounts you hold worldwide via a computer terminal in your office. Citibanking Online 's efficiency and power give you a clear competitive edge wherever you do business.

    • Benefits:
    o Real-time Online Information
    o Provides Instant Information
    o Comprehensive Data
    o Simple Access and User Friendly Software
    o Historical Data


    This product provides access to all Citibank branches around the world. From the convenience of your office, you can connect to Citibank's network in a matter of seconds and view the very latest information on accounts held worldwide, and/or transmit instructions to any Citibank location worldwide. Citibanking works in either a single workstation or multi-user environment providing features tailored to meet your specific needs.
    • Benefits:
    o Reliable, accurate records.
    o Enhanced productivity.
    o Rapid, cost effective communications.
    o Security.
    Citibanking is most suited to financial institutions and global corporations; useful for cash management and trade transactions



    Category:Professional Loan

    In order to support the development of industrial sector of the country through active participation of private and direct foreign investment, Rupali bank Ltd. has taken appropriate programmes as per Industrial Policy of the Government. The loan portfolio of the Bank includes sizeable investment of fund towards development of thrust industrial sectors like Textile, Jute, Leather, Leather goods, Frozen and semi cooked Shrimps, Footwear, Knit Garments and other small and medium enterprises.

    Credit Facility:

    Category: Credit Card

    - Rupali Bank Ltd. extends credit facility to almost every sector of the country's economic activities.
    - Main focus of Rupali Bank Credit programme is on financing trade and commerce, business and industry having productive purpose.
    - Credit facilities are also offered to international trade and business, export and import.
    - Credit Programme of the Bank also covers development of rural economic activities like agriculture and livestock, diary and poultry, fishing and hatchery etc.
    - Loan is provided to thrust sectors declared by the government at a concessional terms.
    - Lending programmes are operated as per guideline of Bangladesh Bank (the central bank of the country) through an effective lending policy and procedure of the Bank.
    - Lending policy of the Bank ensures quick processing, sanctioning and disbursement of loan in all viable sectors.

    Utility Services:

    Category: Service

    Rupali Bank Ltd. offers some special services to customers in addition to its normal banking operation. Collection of various utility bills is one of them. Under this service, the Bank benefited Customer by collecting their various utility bills like Telephone bill, Water & Sewerage bill, Electricity bill etc free of charges.

    1. Telephone bill of Bangladesh Telephone & Telegraph Board (BTTB).
    2. Water & Sewerage bill of Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA).
    3. Electricity bill of Power Development Board (PDB), Rural Electrification Board (REB) etc.

    Conclusion and Recommendations

    In this age of information technology and competitive world, banking sectors should be modernized. In order to keep pace with the changing world we have to replace our traditional banking systems by electronic banking systems. It has been found that local private and state-owned banks are not doing well as compared to foreign banks. Foreign banks are using new technology and they are earning more. The banking sectors of our country should use electronic banking system so that they can provide more services to their customers and earn s sustainable amount of money to support the national economy. The Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services opined that banking sector could play a vital role in developing local software markets to the tune of USD170 million if the banking sector was computerized. The earlier discussion confirms the idea that electronic banking system could make immense contribution to the economic development of our country. For achieving the best possible results from the electronic banking system we can offer some recommendations. These are as flows:
    • The whole country should be connected under fiber optic backbone for electronic banking infrastructure as soon as possible.
    • Electronic banking sector depends on telecommunication and Internet services. So government should implement the National ICT policy 2002 as quickly as possible.
    • Government should provide legal framework for electronic commerce, so that domestic and international trade is allowed to expand their horizon and basic rights such as privacy, intellectual property, and prevention of fund and customer protection can be taken care of.
    • We should develop in house software for our banking system. So it will be cost effective.
    • BTTB should utilize their extensive network so that the corporate users can connect their banks and major business institutions. The corporate lines provided by the BTTB are suitable for e banking and e-business, in the sense of reliable data transfer and suitable price.
    • Every transaction should have some desirable properties like Authenticity, confidentially, Unforgivable, Integrity and not reusable.


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