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    Production Process View of DHL BD.


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    Production Process View of DHL BD.

    Post  tarek_admin on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:24 pm

    DHL and Parcel Service

    DHL is one of the biggest MNC in the world which is operated in more than 80 countries. Almost 500000 people are working in this organization. It provides transformation service of documents and goods.

    DHL provides parcel service from Asia to USA 25% faster than others. Its because they have an extreme delivery system and policies with huge workers and vehicles.

    Total processes of DHL’s service

    Customer Call:

    The procedure starts when customers make a call or directly meet with customer dealing center. Here clients give order to transfer the parcel, goods or shipment


    After getting the request from customer DHL’s CRM executives check their ability to transfer the parcels. Such as- Branches are available or not.
    Then they sent a confirmation message to client by mail or telephone.


    After pick-up process customers pay for the service in payment section. Service charge may vary weather they are goods or documents. If those are goods then charge are levied according to their weight.

    Gateway Export Processing:

    After receiving the parcels or shipments from customers, DHL’s parcels handling department checks the goods and repackage those. This process is to ensure that goods are lawful and custom cleared.

    Confirm Uplift:
    Then they handover those parcels to their own Airline department. Here, packages get fly to destinations.

    Transit HUB of DHL:

    Transit HUBs of DHL are-
    # London Heathrow
    # Singapore Leipjeg
    # Hong Kong

    Each HUB receives the packages of its own country and nearest countries. Then they sort those according to their destination and send through the available flight of that country.

    Destination Inbound Processes:

    This process is to check the parcels again when entering the destination country by their customs.

    Arrival at Delivery Station:

    Here parcels are received by DHL’s office delivery station. Now they sent a confirmation to sender branch and parcels to parcel handling department.

    Sorting Again:

    Then they sort those parcels again according to individual recipients name and area of the country.


    Here the delivery section sent those parcels to destination area or individuals by their own land transport Truck, Micro-Bus, Van etc.


    When the recipient receives the parcel or goods, need to give a signature on reception form. Then both the signature and confirmation are updated in DHL’s website.


    In this assignment we discussed about the service process of DHL and the work activities involved in parcel transforming procedure.

    In this assignment we discussed about how DHL’s employees starts their work process after getting a customer call and then pick up them and arranging delivery. We also discussed about destination inbound activities such as- how they receive, sort and deliver those parcels to destination addresses
    Finally, we think that our report will be enough to present the whole process view. In this case this assignment will be deemed as a successful one.

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